Fin-Management in Real Estate


General information:

Advanced planning and management of financial resources, and cost optimization, including cost estimation and detailed analysis of such essential items as materials, fuel, equipment, and labor resources used, etc. are the most important issues for companies operating in the construction field. It is also important to develop proper control mechanisms and create an effective reporting system.

We offer:

  • development of the materials, fuels, and basic means (equipment used, etc.) management system;
  • development of preliminary project cost estimates and budgeting systems;
  • development of a reporting system and deviation analysis
  • transformation of the accounting system in accordance with the IFRS standards
  • development of the financial department’s structure
  • personnel retraining
  • e-accounting system analysis and recommendations

As a result, you will get:

detailed analysis of the projects from the perspective of the works performed; preliminary cost estimates and actual expenditures (Saving, Over cost) comparative analysis system; efficient control system for machinery and equipment, as well as other means used.

improved financial indices, as well as a well-functioning reporting system that is in line with international standards, allowing to carry out investment projects.