Fin-Management in Retail


General information:

The key issue for the retail business is the management of the monetary resource deficit, which is conditioned by inappropriate planning and control of the company’s inventory (deficits, surplus volumes of stock), receivables, and payables.

Planning/budgeting system is one of the most important issues, allowing the companies to evaluate the effectiveness of costs and consequently to optimize them, which results in improving the profitability rate.

It is also important for retail businesses to determine the effectiveness of an area designated for trade in order to take advantage of the trade areas.

Our service will allow you to effectively manage company resources, gain financial stability, improve the company’s profitability, and make proper investment decisions, which you are going to achieve with the assistance of our highly skilled and experienced expert team.

We offer:

  • optimization of the company’s business processes
  • introduction of the efficient inventory management system and the control mechanisms thereof
  • budgeting and cost optimization
  • elaboration of the reporting system
  • transformation of the accounting system in accordance with the IFRS standards
  • personnel retraining
  • e-accounting system analysis and recommendations

As a result, you will get:

efficient inventory management- determining minimal volumes of stock in terms of nomenclatures, order issuance system for determining optimal order quantities, which will result in minimizing the inventory shortages and will help avoid excess inventory.

assortment analysis system (ABC analysis)

efficient cost management system and improved financial indicators. You will also get a well-tuned reporting system that is in line with international standards, allowing you to implement investment projects.