Training in IFRS Standard


General Description:

IFRS Standards special course is intended for corporate clients. The course is specifically developed to fit the specifics of your company and business processes.

We will get to know your company’s processes and develop a special program based on the relevant IFRS standards and real cases of your company. We will provide you with ready-made solutions on how to record the company’s operations in accordance with IFRS standards.

We will also provide you with recommendations that will enable you to improve your company’s control mechanisms and develop procedures, including receiving inventory, fixed assets, and financial instruments.

We will discuss the most common mistakes and analyze what impact they can have on your business decisions.

After completing the course, you will be able:

Independently develop the company’s accounting policy in accordance with your business processes and IFRS standards, improve the company’s control mechanisms, and prepare financial statements.


The duration of the course is determined according to the specifics and requirements of the company.