Financial Management


General Description

Proper and effective financial management in the company is a precondition for improving the company’s profit rate, which can be achieved through tuned-up business processes, optimization of costs, proper reporting, and a qualified financial analysis system.

Our service will enable you to achieve financial stability in your company, improve your company’s profitability, and make the right investment decisions. You will achieve all the aforesaid with the assistance of a high-skilled and experienced experts team.

We offer:

  • optimization of the business processes and establishment of internal procedures in the company
  • management of the company’s working capital (inventory, receavables and payables)
  • company’s cash management
  • establishment of the budgeting and budget deviation analysis system
  • development of the reporting system
  • adjustment of the financial department’s structure
  • improvement of the e-accounting system
  • assistance in raising low-cost monetary resources

As a result, you will get:

financial stability of the company, effective cost management system, improved financial indicators, reporting system that is in line with the international standards, allowing you to implement new investment projects in future.