Budgeting & Analysis System


General Description:

It is important for every company to improve profitability, which is directly linked to cost management. For the company to effectively manage and optimize its expenditures, it is important that the company performs its preliminary planning/budgeting.

Budgeting allows companies to pre-determine projected cost indices and timely respond to any deviations, as well as to plan future cash budgets and identify sources of funding.

We offer:

  • development and introduction of budgeting procedures in the company
  • elaboration of the budget control mechanisms
  • capital and operating costs analysis
  • classification of operating costs
  • creation of cost centers
  • development of estimated and actual cost analysis system
  • introduction of financial and commercial indicators analysis system

As a result, you will achieve:

introduction of a well-functioning budgeting system in the company, which will further help the company predetermine desired outcomes and maintain control over all the significant expenditures.